100 Club, 27 October

Back at this legendary venue, alongside one of our favourite bands Southbound.

We are expecting to be 2nd act onstage, so those of you with trains to catch can slip away before the end, although Southbound are well worth staying for.

Buy tickets here for £11 in advance, or £13 on the door.

Doors at 7.30pm.  BSR on stage around 8.30.

New Year’s Eve at the Black Horse 2016

Join us at the Black Horse to see in 2018 with a real bang.

Not to beat about the bush, last New Year’s Eve at TBH was awesome.  It was party time plus.  Lots of people got really high, i.e. half the band and several new-found fans all dancing on tables, the bar, each other, whatever.   So what are they  going to get up to this year?

As I recall (dimly), last year there was a small charge to get in, but free nibbles and booze samples once inside.  So I expect this time it will be the same.

Back at the Black Horse

For those who cannot make the 100 Club on 25 March, you can catch us at The Black Horse, Kingston, on Sunday 30 April.

Music starts around 7.  Entry is free.

This is the pub’s first anniversary after re-opening, at which we played.  They liked us so much they asked us back.  We like you so much we would like you back too.  Come along and share the spirit.